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Most installs are carried out by bonding mirror panels to a clean, dry, primed substrate rather than using mechanical fixings. Although for overhead installs we would always recommend the addition of mechanical fixings too. 
It's common within the glass industry to use a Solvent Free Mirror Adhesive or a Neutral Cure Low Modulus pure Polymer Silicone to bond and seal mirror panels.
We supply Rough Old Glass mirror panels with a foil backing film, rather than a PVC or PET safety film. Foil is compatible with Mirror Adhesive and Neutral Cure Low Modulus Silicone.
If you feel uncomfortable installing large panels with a bonding adhesive only, please specify fixing holes when placing your order.
You must seal the edges of any panels that are likely to be exposed to moisture. You can use a neutral cure silicone or a 2 part epoxy grout to do so. We do not recommend that you use the grout as an adhesive.