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Allowing for Tolerance

Checking the Size:

We use EC Class 1 tape measures which are calibrated every time that we measure in glass. However, it is common for there to be up to 2mm differences between tapes if you have used an old tape or one that isn’t EC Class 1.

We recommend that you deduct 2mm between the glass and any surface it butts up to.

Standard Tolerance Orders:

  • For single panels of glass such as splash backs or multiple larger size panel orders our tolerance is +2/-2mm, meaning that a 1000mm dimension can actually be from between 998mm and 1002mm and still be acceptable by industry standards.
  • For supply-only multiple smaller panel orders we work to a +1/-1mm tolerance unless you informed us when you placed your order that measurements are ‘size critical’.

Size Critical Orders:

  • Where ‘size critical’ has been specified - these measurements will still hold a size of +0.5/-0.5mm according to our calibrated tapes/digital callipers. This can generally only be achieved with CNC to each panel on all sides. For straight edge panels, there will be an additional charge of up to £120 + VAT per panel and a longer lead-time to produce to this level of accuracy. This may not be possible where bevelled edges or shapes are requested. 
Bow Tolerances

It is not possible to produce toughened glass as flat as annealed (float) glass due to the nature of the toughening process. The deviation, or bow, may vary with size and shape of the glass.