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Maximum Panel Sizes

Maximum Toughened Glass Sizes

We have the capacity to produce very large panels in most of our hand silvered finishes, if they are toughened. The overall possible size however will depend on the width to height ratio. 

For example we can produce in the region of:
4000 x 1000mm / 3000 x 1200mm / 2000 x 1800mm

Toughened glass cannot be cut.

Float Glass (Un-toughened)

If you require panels in float (un-toughened) glass because you want to be able to cut the glass on site, the maximum sizes we can produce are:

800 x 1200mm in 4mm thick float glass
800 x 2400mm in 6mm thick float glass

If you have a specific size in mind, send us an email to enquire.