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Pre Site Survey Checklist

Please read through the requirements below prior to scheduling your measure date to ensure that your site is ready for accurate measurements to be taken. Confirm that:
  • You have sent us any relevant drawings 
  • Walls have been prepared to a flat and smooth standard i.e. plastered and sealed or covered in ply wherever Rough Old Glass will be fitted 
  • Any fitted units, cornices & pelmets have been installed and are in their final position 
  • All light fittings are in place 
  • Any boxing around pipes has been fitted 
  • Fittings that will eventually be fixed over the glass must have been pre-fitted in the final position and then removed with the hole positions clearly marked 
  • Electrical back boxes should already be fitted in final position with face plates screwed on where possible (minimum 50mm from edge of the glass and 15mm between sockets) 
  • The area around the installation has been cleared – as our site surveyors cannot be responsible for damage if they need to move any items to gain access to measure 
  • You will ensure that you yourself, or a fully informed authorised representative, will be on site at the time of survey to instruct the site surveyor on design specification and to allow access into the property. 
  • Instructions on the day of the survey will supersede all previous instructions given (If an authorised representative is not on site the survey will be aborted and a fee charged) 
  • You confirm that there will be parking available on site for the surveyor, if a permit is required this will be organised by yourself and details provided prior to the measure. If no parking is available please advise us in advance otherwise this may affect the surveyor’s punctuality. 
  • Once the site survey has been completed you cannot add to or alter any fixtures or fittings in any way without a remeasure being required 
  • If your site isn’t ready to be measured when our surveyor arrives or you cancel the survey within 48 hours of the arranged date, a minimum fee of £150 + VAT fee will be charged.