Template Material

Templates should be supplied in either MDF or Plywood to ensure they can be scanned successfully and replicated accurately.
We cannot accept templates in any other material. 

Multiple Panels

We require one template per panel of mirror. We cannot accept a single large template, if you require this to be split into multiple tiles, as the template would have to be cut and you would loose the width of the saw blade with each cut, creating 5mm gaps between panels.


You can either physically cut out the holes in the templates or mark the centre point of standard socket cutouts on the templates.


Templates should be provided with straight edges, unless there is a definite shape requirement. We can scribe edges but this must be specified clearly.

Internal Cutouts

There will always be a radius corner on any internal cutouts of at least the thickness of the glass. The internal cutouts will have a ground edge rather than a highly polished edge.

Order Information & Packaging

Please ensure that you mark the template with your NAME & which side is the FACE, and pack it carefully to avoid any damage to the edges or corners in transit.

Send it to:
Rough Old Glass
Upcott Avenue
Pottington Business Park
Devon EX31 1HN